The Study Desk 2018- Ergonomic Choices

Study desks have proliferated in the home market. Current trends are geared towards functional and ergonomic comfort. Styles range from elaborate to space saving. There are the latest and greatest advances along with time-worn classics. Add to these choices, the most contemporary design trends and your study desk and the area surrounding it will be where you want to spend your time.


When looking at function take into consideration the intended use and the location in your home where the desk will be placed.


When first looking for a study or home office desks, it is important to consider the location in your house it will occupy. Look carefully for a space that will meet your needs. The room will limit the size of the desk you can have. An ample space will allow you to take advantage of a view or place your back against the wall and look out on the room rather than at a wall. For a bedroom, you might want a more compact desk while a living room may afford you a bigger one. Some desks fit flat against a wall, fit in a corner, and ones that will fit in a corner at ninety degrees.


Next, you must consider the way in which you will use the desk. A multipurpose space might require a computer, printer, phone, bookshelves, and file cabinets, for example. If you will be sitting for long periods of time studying books and papers, you might need a larger space than if you plan to simply spend your time on the computer. If you have lots of documents that need storing, you are going to want some type of file drawers. If you have lots of books, you are going to want some shelves. Will you need a wired desk? Many of today’s desks are designed to make the use of laptops and desktops convenient with cord management portals. Also, do you need a keyboard tray or storage area for a computer CPU. How many monitors will you have? You do want to be careful to make oft-used functions near to your actual workspace. Even in space saving, you can still get all the functionality you need. It just requires a bit more tinkering.

Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic features will increase your productivity, staying at your desk for long periods of time in comfort.


In setting up your desk, you want an ergonomic design that allows for comfort when working and staying in one place to take advantage of productive time. The height of the desk is something to consider. Reaching for supplies, documents, and books is another consideration. If you are reaching for something repeatedly you do not want to have to get up each time. Also, there are desks that convert from seated to standing (see working position).


There is something to the Feng Shui design motif. As you will be spending time at your desk, you want to make sure it is as relaxing and comfortable environment as possible. Lighting is known to have a positive effect on mood. In most cases, you will need either a lamp on the desk, attached to the desk or standing next to it. Decor, discussed below, will add to the ambience.

Buying Options

Desks are available through local and national stores. However, you can build a highly functional and comfortable desk by doing it yourself.

Store bought

It is easy enough to buy a desk online. For the most part, this will require some assembly although you can pay extra for assembly. Many companies like IKEA offer modular components that allow you to customize a desk to suit your needs.


You can DIY a desk yourself. Many websites have great suggestions on putting together your own desk with some simple items you probably have on hand. You can use two file cabinets and a piece of wood and have a desk in minutes.

Working Position

In recent years, an emphasis on working position has come into focus. Today, you do not have to sit at your desk, you can stand or kneel.


Car seating is made for sitting for long periods of time and the way you sit in your car is a good place to start in thinking about how you want to sit at your desk. You want to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your elbows at desk height. You want to be able to lean back a little. A variety of office chairs are available.


A standing desk is one of the newest trends in ergonomic desks. While increased calorie count is questionable, the ability to stand and move as you work can increase your productivity by giving you more energy.


A kneeling desk is the latest trend. You still sit, but you are angled forward with some weight that would normally sit on your back being absorbed by your knees. By angling forward, you reduce strain on the lower back by aligning your spine. This should reduce fatigue.


Custom desk builders are abundant. Local artisans will build you a study desk that is a work of art. Also, many local shops allow you to tell them exactly what you want, and they will build it to your specifications. You can specify your price range, size, and materials such as particular woods for the desk, and they will generate ideas for you.


The colour for 2018 is grey with pops of brighter colour, particularly Pantone’s choice of UltraViolet as the colour of the year. Combine this with laminates, natural woods, and metals to add a variety of textures. Simple, modern lines prevail with open spaces and shelves. Another suggestion which offers not only a pop of colour but is also healthy addition is plants. The green will enliven your workspace.

There are a variety of options for a study desk from simple to elaborate. One can be thrown together in less than an hour or custom built in weeks. Depending on your budget and functional needs, you can set up a comfortable, modern study desk at which to spend your time.

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